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L’Iran et le jeu géopolitique pétrolier du XXIe siècle

26 janvier 2011, 16:41, par BLAZUN

Attention, care and attention, BP no longer cares how clean the beaches of Gulf Mexico, offered free of charge PATENT BP shows no interest, BP has decided to isolate itself from the outside, cut off all contacts by e-mail , established telephone contact, dialogue difficult with a corresponding real misunderstood, send letters by post, already lost.

OIL COMPANIES Louisiana Texas and the world, unite your resources, each a million dollar company to create emergency response case of a tanker or explosion platform BP offshore in the Gulf if Mexico.

Same types of accidents is still re-occur many times, now there are thousands of offshore platforms, PATENT new device may still contain partially proposed oil spill at no cost to BP’s Gulf Mexico, INVENTOR-DESIGNER-HUMANIST George BLAZUN can demonstrate new device dramatically demonstrated by miniature tomorrow.

AN APPEAL to everyone, please arrange a pressure NOTIFICATION BP involved in Gulf Mexico, BP press use appropriate technological means proposed by inventor George CONCPTEUR BLAZUN and ecology will be better.


INGIERING does not provide a satisfactory solution to remediate damage to the Gulf Mexico, intellectual invention alone can address oil spill after a tanker breakage or explosion at sea, a demonstration in miniature can demonstrate the ability of intellectual invention, incredible picture shows BP’s incompetence with which technique is desperately trying to erase the damage, a bucket and shovel in hand to the Gulf Mexico.

For over three weeks inventor proposes new patent to BP company free of charge, an ingenious device, first circling oil slick before it reaches the coast, then concentrated groundwater to be pumped to a tanker vessels, however, responsible to BP does not manifest itself.

PRECISION for NATURE LOVERS, oil companies USA send me the same answer, claim to have their technology, everyone can see what it is this technique, cleaning prehistoric with a bucket and shovel in hand employed by BP in the Gulf Mexico desperately

UPON ecosystems in the world, disseminating the text to be written in the newspapers a duty to act, think and expect is a criminal act, should I repeat that the company BP has been contacted several times and did not react
To write emergency contact by e-mail :
Regards Georges BLAZUN

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