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Les incontournables de la table iranienne

24 mars 2012, 05:37, par PyouWLhK

Ron no problem I’ve been to Israel on many osccaions myself. I have always been impressed with Netanyahu (though not always a supporter of Likud).Steven You touch a great point on the relationship between the American experiment and the Jewish experience. It’s truly amazing to reflect on how much of the American Revolution is owed financially and perhaps morally to those Jewish-Americans who financiered the cause. A list of Jefferson’s creditors who never had the heart to call in the loans. Insofar as Israel is concerned, a list of who started it is instructive:1947 was a war of annihilation,1956 was self-defense,1967 was both pre-emptive and just against a three-pronged attack by neighboring states,1973 was self-defense (in the extreme),1981 against Iraq was self-defense1982 did more for Southern Lebanon than one could imagine,1991 the Israelis patiently absorbed Scud attacks during the Gulf War,2001 the second infatada was the result of a ’99 de-escalation (lesson learned, eh ?)2006 was self-defense as Northern Israel continued to be shelled2008 was self-defense as Sderot and other cities were continuously shelled even after the Israelis dismantled settlements,If it was any other nation, Israel would be entirely justified in the use of force. No other nation in the world is pledged to extinction by so many others, and yet Israel is the aggressor when she defends her homes, her citizens, and roots out the terrorists who use Palestinians as human shields ?I will grant a good number of things Palestinians by and large want to work with Israel, the Israelis can be heavy handed at times, Hamas and Fatah often confuse their goals, the right to return vs. the right to exist there is nothing clean about the process. But if you do any serious research about the Middle East, there are a few black and whites amidst the greys : (1) the British Mandate really messed things up, (2) the Israelis have the right to exist and this is what happens when you lose wars fellas the settlements have the right to go up, and (3) there are indeed people committed to the obliteration of the Jewish people in Israel and beyond. Until there is a measure of security and peace, Israel will always be on a war footing and Palestinians will continue to lose their lives, property, and freedoms as a function of violence and time.

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